The Deep Ones




Deep Ones belong to the Aquatics group. Copy and paste in-world to join:






The Deep Ones were long considered a folktale, recounted most often in coastal communities. Before they became known to the humans, there were scattered accounts of fish-like beings lurking under piers or basking on the rocks by the breakwaters. The reality is that there were here long before humans settled, long before the War of the Races, a near immortal race of beings that serve Father Dagon and Mother Hydra. 

They were one of the last races to "come out" when the supernaturals began to unmask themselves. Little by little, their presence became known down by the shores. They have a particularly large colony that has called Ascension home for centuries, living in an underwater temple below the city. They are not necessarily evil or good, but often don't understand fully what humans or other landwalkers hold as morals. Some individuals are very helpful, offering their assistance in dockworking or fishing tasks, or helping endangered swimmers to shore. Some prefer to have nothing to do with those on land, rather keeping to themselves unless they need to go to land to spawn. Their intelligence is slightly more developed than a troll. 

The Deep Ones have a fondness for breeding with humans, whether male or female. The religious zealots of their kind say it is an edict from Father Dagon to intermingle their DNA with those of humans (or mutants), and when the moon is full, they seek out mates with which to breed. The mates may be haphazardly chosen as the first they come across when their instincts are running high, or it may be a subject that has been chosen and stalked for the past month. The rest of the month, they do not generally have the uncontrollable urge to mate. A male Deep One breeding with a human/mutant female will result in a perfectly normal appearing child, as described in the hybrid section below. A female Deep One breeding with a male human/mutant will lay fertilized eggs that 'hatch' into a normal appearing human child. The progeny from male humans are often left on the shore for humans to find, that the child can be raised as human until the time of their maturity, when the transformation will begin. 

Their society is tribe or clan based, and can be led by a male or female Deep One. The leaders are Priests of Dagon or Priestesses of Hydra. A female Deep One calls herself or other females a Daughter of Hydra, and males call themselves Son of Dagon. They prefer more natural weapons such as spears, harpoons, tridents and the like instead of guns. 




When a Deep One breeds with a human or mutant, the resulting offspring will look absolutely human and have no powers until they reach adulthood. Around the age of 20, the Deep One characteristics will slowly start to come about. The individual will begin to transform. Often, they do not have any idea what is happening to them, not knowing of their origins, and many isolate themselves until the transformation is complete. The first complete transformation is extremely painful, and many Deep Ones may die during this time. If they manage to survive the transformation, other Deep Ones in the area meet them when they slither off into the ocean in order to welcome them into the clan. Those that gain the favor of Father Dagon may receive an amulet that allows them to transform back into a humanoid appearance (Tooth of Dagon power must be taken).




Marine Form:

They appear like fish-like or frog-like creatures, with bulging eyes, webbed feet, and gills. They are bipedal. Their skin is grey-green or bluish, but can also have a dusky tint to it. They are slimy and often dripping, covered in seaweed or barnacles. You can feel free to create your own Deep Ones avatar, but the following are suggested forms. 

Suggested avatars:

Land Form:

Some Ascension Deep Ones are able to transform to a secondary form for extended stay on land. The transformation is painful and tiring, and can only be made twice in one day. The transformation is at-will, but they must be carrying their Tooth of Dagon amulet (explained more in the powers section) in order to complete the transformation. In land form, most Deep Ones will still have green or blue skin, webbed ears or feet, scales, etc. They don't look -quite- human, but most usually can't tell exactly what they are. 




In most lore, Deep Ones are considered immortal. For the purposes of our sim, there is a cap on the age of a playable Deep One at 1000 years of age. They -are- able to be killed, though their constitution in Marine Form is approximately the same as a Minotaur (i.e. tough hide, strong muscles).




You can choose FIVE of the following:

⊱✦§ Watershaper §✦⊰
They can control water and shape it to their needs. They must be in contact with the water in order to shape it. Water can only be raised a maximum of 3 feet and can only be thrown 5 feet horizontally. No tsunamis or the like. Recreationally, this has no limit, but it can only be used twice a day in a combat type situation. 

⊱✦§ Forget Me §✦⊰
The Deep One can remove a single memory from a subject and make it as though they were never there. It only works on a single target, and the more the Deep One has to rewrite...the more taxing it is on them.  Limitations: You can only rework ONE memory in a scene, and this is fully contingent upon the victim's consent. Depending on their own strengths, race, etc the new memory may be 'fuzzy' or clearer. This can only be used once a day.

⊱✦§ Tooth of Dagon §✦⊰
The Deep One has an amulet that allows them to transform into a landwalker, transforming to something that appears considerably less monstrous. The amulet must be on them at all times. If it is lost or removed, they will shift back to a Deep One. Transformation is not limited, though cannot occur in the middle of combat.

⊱✦§ Dear One §✦⊰
The Deep One's care for humans and mutants can be felt in their presence, like an inverse empathy, only in close contact is this feeling evident, approximaely 2-3 meters. Mutants with empathy will feel this much more significantly than any other human or mutant. This ability is by consent only, making humans and mutants more likely to trust and feel more at home with the Deep One's unusual appearance or mannerisms.

⊱✦§ Come To Me §✦⊰
Despite their horrific appearance, the Deep Ones can use this power to woo a victim into a false sense of security, impelling them to come closer. This depends highly on the target's state of mind and their own abilities and is consent based.

⊱✦§Attunement to Reality§✦⊰

Raise one of your five senses to above average. Limitations: You can only raise ONE sense, period, and that raised sense can present a weakness; i.e, raising your hearing to super human levels can deafen you if someone makes a loud noise next to you, bright lights can blind your enhanced sight. Above average means....above average. You cannot see across the entire sim or hear conversations through thick walls. Environment will have a profound effect on this skill (e.g. Your acute vision might not be too helpful on a foggy day).

⊱✦§ Toxic Secretions §✦⊰

The Deep Ones contain glands that produce a noxious secretion contained in their slime that is released when the being is agitated or frightened. It can cause temporary blindness, disorientation, nausea, pain, and burns depending on time of contact.

⊱✦§ Sonic Shriek §✦⊰

A blood-curdling, spine-chilling shriek that can be heard over the distance of miles. It was originally used by Deep Ones to communicate between the dense fog rolling in off the sea, but it can also be used offensively. The Shriek can induce temporary hearing loss, fear, or disorientation when used within 2-3 feet of a person. It can be used in combat only twice daily. 


Strength 2x that of a normal human. 

⊱✦§ Smarts §✦⊰

Intelligence approximately equal to a normal human. 




Deep Ones must have at least three weaknesses. You may choose more if you like. Two must be from the following list; a third can be your own. Bear in mind that character flaws (alcoholic, violent temper, selfish) are not the same thing as weaknesses. 

Land Weakness: Powers are reduced on land, regardless of the form they take. 

Fire: Deep Ones have an intrinsic fear of fire, and wounds inflicted by fire will take longer to heal. 

Light: Their eyesight is not very good in bright light, and they tend to avoid direct sunlight. 

Zealot: The Deep One's devotion to Father Dagon is so great, that they will often do things in his name that put themselves in danger. 

Obsessive: Deep Ones often become obsessed with certain objects or people, and will put their guard down or put themselves in danger without realizing it when the object is near. 

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