The Earthborn - Aman Dua


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See the Enchanted group for any leadership information. You are free to make your own unofficial Troupe (Earthborn group), according to the unofficial grouping rules.


It is said that the Aman Dua were created by Gaia herself, as a magical race of guardians to protect and manage her estate on the earthly plane. The reality of their creation, like so many things, is something lost in time, but they do still pledge fealty to the earth mother -- even when plugging a rogue vampire that had it coming. They were one of the last races to become “known” in the modern era, preferring rather to watch from the shadows and emerge only when it became necessary to do so. They have been called elves, fae, demons, angels, and all manner of races in between, but they are their own people with rich customs and heritage.

With the expanse of civilization and increase of deforestation and habitat invasion, the Earthborn have become more common in cities as they fight to stop the destruction of their natural homes. Elders still preach on their connection to the land itself, and completely eschew technology, though few remain. It is said that when the land is ill or dying, so will be the Earthborn.

The younger generation has embraced most of the very things considered taboo by the elders: technology, modern medicine...and weaponry most of all. Most have integrated completely into modern society, despite remaining in their ancestral homes. Still, they are a very nature-oriented race renowned for their natural healing prowess.

The Earthborn of Ascension make their home in the Garden Ethereal, a forestland steeped in magic and kept alive by their collective powers and protection. Besides its ethereal bloom, the garden may also impart calm and peaceful feelings on those entering, depending on how open their minds are. Violent intent brought into the garden can cause severe soul pain. For this reason, it is often a place where weaker beings flee from those who would prey upon them. The Blessed control the Garden, fighting against the Cursed and others who would see their way of life disappear. ((Note: The Garden will return with the second sim...when I get to it.))

There are two main types of Aman Dua: The Blessed, which are praised and protected by Gaia, and The Cursed, whose wicked ways made them fall from her favor and go underground into the darkest corners of the earth. Neither type are particularly friendly to those outside their own race, seeing post-modern beings as an affront on their way of life and responsible for the sickness currently affecting their race.


Both subraces of the Earthborn can live for several hundred years without apparent age. Their lifespan is 500 years, with anything under 100 years old considered "young."


The Blessed are the Earthborn favored by Gaia. Of all the races, they view humans as the most odious, given they’re the ones responsible for the majority of the industrialization that has dwindled their homesites and forests. They are downright nasty (and dangerous) when offended. However, they are known to return human kindness with favors. They are most active at twilight and misty mornings.

Historically, they live in forests, hills, and stone mounds/bowers. The Blessed of Ascension make their home in the Garden Ethereal. Their racial language is Latin, though they speak English fluently.


They are typically considered beautiful, fair-haired, and pale in flesh, with blue or green eyes, though Aman Aurat from different locations can appear in any range of normal human skintones and hair colors. They have pointed ears, and all but the Host are wingless (see below). They have natural lowlight vision, but do not see well in absolute darkness. Earthborn are naturally slender and relatively tall.

Many of the younger generation are tattooed, pierced, and may wear their hair dyed or shaved. All but the very oldest of their kind have adopted modern dress.



These are the leaders, the patricians. They are generally very elegant, eloquent, and deliberate. They are often the ones who speak for the race as a whole, and may favor traditional garb when in their home.


These are the priests and oracles of the group. They may dress akin to modern shamans, though a good majority of progressive mystics have adopted completely modern attire. Playing a mystic -requires- taking the magic skill.

⊱✦§GAIA'S HOST §✦⊰

These are the only winged class of the Blessed. They have large wings (usually white) and historically have been mistaken for angels given their appearance and actions. Their racial magic is not very developed, though they claim to act on command from Gaia herself. Like the Mystics, the Host have mainly adapted to modern ways and dress. They may act as zealots, carrying out often violent acts against evil in the name of Gaia. Many of the Host are skilled healers as well to help aid their kin on the battlefield.


The Cursed are the Earthborn shunned by Gaia for their transgressions. After the Curse, they split off from the Aman Aurat on the evolutionary tree, and therefore can look quite different from their sister race. They are most active at night, and often appear to assault travelers, sometimes for their own amusement. Most of what they do is to spurn Gaia and the Blessed. They serve Hades, who according to legend took them under his protection in the Underworld after they were shunned by Gaia.  

They are not nice. Most are unapologetically evil, though a few may be considered neutral. They are not trustworthy, and are usually considered to be hiding something or acting in a way that is only to their own benefit. No Cursed should be considered sweet or innocent, and they should not be played that way!

They are known to steal human children as an act of vengeance, and have even been used by parents as a deterrent to misbehaving. They can become enamored of humans and are known to trick or lure the object of their desire into their dens in order to keep them as a pet, slave, or lover. Humans captured by the Cursed can exhibit slowed aging while in their care (not to exceed 150 years). Most humans lured into the realm of the Cursed also become enamored of their captor and rarely wish to leave, and some even gain a position of prominence in Cursed society. Even if they do escape, the humans are permanently changed by their time with the Cursed, and usually maintain a weak grasp of Earthborn magic.

The racial language for the Cursed is something known as Scorched Latin, a variation of the original language that sounds much more harsh and guttural. It is usually understandable by those with a good grasp of Latin, though it may take some effort to interpret even then.


The Cursed share few characteristics with their distant cousins. They have dark gray, black, or purple-toned skin, though some can even extend to an inky green color. Hair is white, silver, or black, though some are known to dye it alternative colors. Their eyes tend to be silver, black, or red and have extremely effective lowlight vision that extends into the infrared spectrum. The Cursed are said to be able to see an entire cavern by the light of a single candle as though it were daylight.

They have a sinister beauty, though some of them have been so twisted by Gaia’s curse (or Hades' embrace) as to appear downright frightening. Many tattoo or pierce themselves, and heavily pierce their very long pointed ears. They are tall and willowy like their cousins.

They too have effectively adopted modern dress, and should not be running around in medieval couture. :P



The leaders of the Cursed. Generally a short-lived position as those beneath them are constantly plotting assassinations. They have a tenuous hold on the group, holding it together mainly through intimidation and fear.


The dark mages of the group, using their magic only to advance their own needs and (often begrudgingly) the needs of the Cursed as a whole. They generally dabble in the darkest arts, with spells designed to cause suffering. Playing a warlock -requires- taking the magic skill.

⊱✦§ HADES' HORDE §✦⊰

These Cursed have bat-like wings and generally more sinister appearance than most. Their only purpose is generally to cause mayhem, suffering, and fear in other races. They tend to have an almost fanatical devotion to Hades, and also act as the destructors for those of the Cursed who displease the leaders. The Horde may carry out violence in Hades' name, usually against all that is pure and good.


It is well established that Earthborn of both subraces occasionally plant a child of their own kind among the humans. The child is completely unaware of their Earthborn blood and through magic will appear completely human, though they may have dreams or strange feelings that alert them of something different within.

It happens, on occasion, that an Anarch or a Favored will contact them to let them know of their Earthborn parentage, during which talk they learn the truth about themselves and would be offered the chance to become full Earthborn themselves as soon as they finish a mission and have proven their use. If for some reason, they refuse, their memory of that chat would be wiped and they won't ever get a second chance.

If you choose to be a changeling Earthborn, you start as a human character and discover your lineage through roleplay. At the end of the journey, your character may change into a full Earthborn through ceremony, complete with the spell being broken and taking on an Earthborn appearance (Cursed or Blessed). However, this is a one time only, one way transformation and your character would be considered Earthborn from there on.


The Earthborn race was drafted to give Ascension an elven/fae/angel/drow-based race without compromising our lore and to put our own spin on it. Because it is a created race that is a combination of many, you can’t simply follow Google info on fairies or elves and expect the character to adhere to our lore.

We don’t want to see any Legolases or Drizzts or else you’ll be dragged into town square by the scruff of your neck like a naughty kitten and held up for people to jeer at. And remember that the Cursed are complete evil bastards. They’re written to be. Don’t pick it if you want to be everyone’s friends and hand out hugs.


Though they have a fantasy background, these are modern characters and should act and dress as such, especially when in town. Yes, you can live in the treehouse and be a tattooed, pierced, punk Earthborn. Though they are NOT technically elves, they should invoke Shadowrun and not LOTR.


These are attributes that ALL Earthborn carry, regardless of their subrace. All Earthborn are naturally gifted with magic. Their powers are equivalent to an apprentice magic user. 

⊱✦ § ACCURACY§ ✦⊰

Traditionally referred to accuracy with a bow. These days, it most commonly confers accuracy in aiming a pistol.


The Earthborn has an extremely alluring, relaxing manner about them that makes them appear more trustworthy, and can sway others to hang on their every word.


Very graceful, nimble/agile, and swift with their movements. They make little to no sound when moving, unless tromping down something like metal stairs in combat boots! (Formerly separate abilities of grace, nimble, speed, and fleetfooted)


In addition to the shared attributes listed above, Aman Aurat (Blessed) have ALL of the following as racial attributes. 


Works similar to psychometry, but using the land itself instead of an item. The blessed can speak to the land and receive small pieces of information about something that has happened there. Getting "feelings" about places, clues about an event,etc.


The ability to command trees, flowers, and other greenery to do their bidding within reason. They can also develop an empathic connection with animals, including shifted weres. It cannot be used to command them, but can try to calm one down (or upset one). It does not allow thought reading, however.


Blend in with the trees. The Blessed must be perfectly still. Once they move, the illusion is broken. Must be actually touching a tree.

⊱✦§WILL O' WISP§✦⊰

Create a –seemingly- intelligent bit of flame or light that can mesmerize a watcher or lead them down a path away from the Blessed. It is illusory magic, and the light has no actual intelligence, but can be useful for passive characters to send aggressors chasing something.


Allows the Blessed to capture some light from the sun that is absorbed into a lifeless shard (crystal). If tossed on the ground and broken, the shard emits a strong light that can illuminate a whole room. The shard is useless in the hands of another. The shard doesn't glow in the dark but rather, in plain daylight.


In addition to the shared attributes listed, Aman Elake (Cursed) have ALL of the following as racial attributes. 


This ability lets the Cursed create the illusion of dark spirits surrounding their prey and emitting horrific, blood-curdling shrieks. It does not involve actual summoning or command of dark spirits, but the effect is quite convincing.


Allows the Cursed to capture some light from a star that is absorbed into a lifeless shard (crystal). If tossed on the ground and broken, the shard emits a strong light that can illuminate a whole room. The shard is useless in the hands of another.


Wounding the land in a way to force information from it (starting fires, breaking rock, etc). Works similar to Commune, but is forceful and harmful to the land.


The ability to shroud an enemy in a black cloud through which they will not be able to see.


Resist nature magic as a result of their shared genetic makeup with the Blessed.


A circle of toxic steam rises from the ground around the Cursed, up to a 5 foot radius. The effects vary, depending on the resistance of the target, from mere coughing to severe poisoning that will cause stomach pain, nausea. The effects aren't deadly.


Slip into a camouflage of shadows. NOT invisible, but nearly so. The illusion is broken once the Cursed moves.


Each Earthborn gets all the shared attributes of the race, plus the attributes of their chosen subrace (Cursed OR Blessed). 

You can additionally choose ONE more ability from this list:


Take much longer to tire than average.


Manipulation of living energy to heal. See healing guidelines.

⊱✦ §GLAMOUR§ ✦⊰

Change appearance (NOT a shift, an illusion). Limited to ONE glamoured form. Can be seen through by supernaturals with the right skills.


Affords the character greater magic skill. Mystics and Warlocks MUST take this skill. Read the magic rules for more info. 


Increased strength, stronger than a human.


Characters must have at least three weaknesses. You may choose more if you like. Two must be from the following list, with one of those being the universal weakness to iron; a third can be your own. Bear in mind that character flaws (alcoholic, violent temper, selfish) are not the same thing as weaknesses.

  • Iron

Universal to all Earthborn

  • Discomfort indoors

  • Allergic to rose petals or rosewater

  • Sunlight
Severe aversion to direct sunlight (Cursed only)

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