The Factory 


                                           ASCENSION CITY FACTORY


Built atop of the remains of the old asylum, the Factory looms over Ascension a rugged place neglected of attention and worn by time. The story behind how and when the establishment came to be will always remain a mystery. No one knows the exact time span nor the approximate amount of man-hours put into the place that could pinpoint the time of construction. 

 The primary function of the Factory is industrial manufacturing. A great deal of equipment, materials, and services are offered within. The place appears to be run by legit means; however, the head of the place is involved in some rather underhanded dealings much to the point to where it has been said that the factory is run by a Mob. Whether it is or not is subjective and depends on who is asked. 




The head of The Factory currently is Sergio Lyndley (SLyndley). Please do not hesitate to contact him in the instance that you have any questions or need any assistance.

The Factory is mostly open to Humans, Mutants, and a hand-full of selected supernaturals. It is intended to have more male population for more of that ‘guy talk’ that happens in those sort of environments. Authentic factory RP is encouraged as far as industrial manufacturing is concerned. Please keep in mind that although they operate as a mob, they still have to make money and produce goods. 

Factory RP does not have to be spot on as all people make mistakes, but just keep in mind that there are jobs to do and many different avenues for RP. Please enjoy yourself and have as much fun as possible. 




Butch - A large, overbearing guy with red hair and beady blue eyes. He is an ex-military serviceman and does not speak a lot. He is usually found with his arms folded over his chest and a scowl on his face. He acts as a security guard upon entry of the factory and is usually posted right beside the fence upon entry.

Tony - A tall, lean guy with gray eyes and black hair that is usually always slicked back with some sort of hair gel and he always wears button up shirts with the top portion open. He usually is chewing on some sort of gum while he talks. He is the Operations & Inventory Manager of the factory, ensuring that things are getting done properly, making sure there are proper materials available, and informing of new manufacturing opportunities that could be done. 

Percy - Percy is a timid, young man with blonde hair and blue eyes. he is oftentimes seen in coveralls and functions primarily as a sort of janitorial staff. He stammers when he talks and is rather cumbersome. The young man looks as though he’s in his early twenties.




⊱ Factory Bossman ⊰

-  The title says it all. The ‘Bossman’ of the factory pretty much oversees all actions within the facility as well as makes all of the executive decisions involving all personnel that is hired on. He’s the boss and should act accordingly.

⊱ Factory Safety Manager ⊰

-  Safety Managers ensure and verify that all safety practices are being carried out. Practices include making sure that people are wearing the proper safety equipment, verifying that no hazardous chemicals are being introduced into the work environment, and miscellaneous other safety precautions.

⊱ Factory Textiler ⊰

- Textilers within the factory create different sorts of cloths from a number of different sources to include cotton, polyester, silk, and a plethora of other fabric types. They also create some upholstery for furniture as well.

⊱ Factory Machinist ⊰

- Machinists in the factory pretty much operate most the heavy equipment within the place from forklifts to pallet trucks and a number of other miscellaneous heavy machines. They also assist the engineers with repairing small equipment from time to time.

⊱ Factory Engineer ⊰

- Engineers in the factory construct and repair all sorts of electronics. Some may be good at their jobs others may not be. Engineers are a step above being a simple Machinist and earn quite a bit for their jobs due to the intricacy of their work.

⊱ Factory Worker ⊰

- Workers in the factory are the base level of laborer. They do everything from moving parts from one area to another, to construction requests, to processing recyclable materials and equipment as well as other manual labor intensive jobs.

⊱ Factory Security ⊰

- Factory Security is about as plain as it gets. These persons assist with guarding the factory and its goods. They are asked to patrol the area and make sure that the factory maintains its ‘integrity’. These guys may also be asked to ‘take care’ of business on the side as well.




- Industrial Equipment Manufacturing and Repair ( Larger equipment such as Medical equipment, Large printers, etc.)

- Equipment  & Miscellaneous Recycling

- Prescription Drug manufacture (limited items)

- Textiles services (Fabrics, Rugs, and other items)

- Woodworking Services & Lumber purchasing

- Construction Services & Materials

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