The Hellfire



You enter from the fog-filled dark corridor, and suddenly you're in another world. Soft jazz or big band music plays in the background, the lighting low and warm, the decor reckoning back to a long lost age of class and elegance. The walls are adorned with old photographs, the contents of which are not so scandalous by today's standards, but revealing enough to suggest that this is more than some upper-crust brandy and cigar lounge. 

There seem to be three types of people filling the room. The first is, as expected, well dressed gentlemen and ladies, some wearing simple masks to conceal their identity. The second, a few lost looking travelers, looking around with wide eyes, the tourists always expected to find their way in to marvel at the taboo. And the last, those quiet and smiling figures with more skin exposed than the rest, either on display behind bars on plush couches and pillows, or attending to the other customers either by serving drinks, or offering wrists or necks.

What was once a quietly-run training house for potential ghouls and thralls has become a consensual feeding ground and playground for the supernatural since the veil on their existence was lifted. Now and then special events or parties are held, but most nights its home to quiet, sensual feedings and erotic delights. Management requests patrons keep things quiet and discrete while inside the club, but so long as other patrons aren't disturbed by someone else's play it seems that few will interfere with anyone's enjoyment.

All are welcome in the Hellfire club, so long as they have good manners and class. Come in, have a drink, or be someone else's, and enjoy your evening. 

⊱------{ OOC INFO }------⊰


- This club is primarily for feedings, but also caters to certain BDSM tastes. Sensual encounters are encouraged, but Dolls or Boys acting as Consorts should take their liaisons outside the club. 

- Masks are allowed, but not required. Management thinks all should be proud of who and what they are, but we will not force anyone to out themselves. It's considered normal to see someone in a masquerade mask here, both for donors and feeders. 

- Donors do not have to let any customer do as they'd like with them, and they are certainly not prostitutes or sex slaves. If a donor says no to a patron, that's the end of it. Anyone pushing a donor or making him or her uncomfortable gets asked to leave. Sometimes the asking is done with violence, care of our bouncers and security staff.

- While a dress code isn't required to help lure in the tourists and casual explorers, it is highly recommended for patrons to be well dressed. For Staff: No jeans, no sneakers, nothing with holes in it not carefully included with proper tailoring. Dolls and Boys are encouraged to dress sensually, while Counts and other support staff are encouraged to dress formally. Silks or nudity is acceptable for Dolls and Boys, along with the House collar. 


- Vitality: always at market price, never higher (this may vary in game depending on demand and supply ICly)
- Drinks: normal pricing applies, remember to tip your bartender!
- Demon reapings: suggested starting price $75.00
      Donors may ask for more depending on stress level of the reaping, and tips to the donor should reflect the amount of energy they expended during the process. 
- Vampire feedings: suggested starting price $100
     Donors or even Hellfire itself may request a larger sum after the feeding if too much blood was taken. If the patron takes a larger drink, they should tip the donor substantially as they will be unable to provide more of that service that evening.
-Feeding or reaping the Regina: Far too expensive for you. 

DISCLAIMER: if donors are injured in any feedings, the patron that caused the injury will be expected to pay for hospital bills. Legal action will be taken if they fail to do so. 


⊱ Staff members may enjoy feeding free of charge only AFTER their shift depending on how much blood they've already donated. Reapings are less strictly monitored so long as they are small.

- Counts (Hosts) -> Must be present often to welcome the Nobles (patrons), learn the tastes of repeat customers and help match them with a Doll or Boy of their choosing. Also responsible for running special events at the club. 

- Bartenders -> must know how to mix drinks, keep track of Vitality supply, and get juice and snacks to donors after vampire feedings.

- Knights (Security) -> must be prepared to deal with some supernaturally strong troublemakers.

- Donors -> There are two designations of donors within Hellfire.
    ⊱ Staff Dolls > The more casual position. These donors come and go as they please, left to monitor their own blood supply safely, paid an hourly wage as well as tips from patrons. They are not expected to engage in any of the fetish or kink-related demonstrations and events offered by the club.
    ⊱ House Donors > These donors look at the profession as more of a lifestyle, some simply enjoying being servants and food sources to the supernatural, others looking to be groomed into proper well-trained ghoul or thrall material. Often these donors sign contracts for a certain amount of time with Hellfire, their expenses paid while here with a lump sum given when the contract expires. They are expected to participate in events, often in demonstrations, and are physically disciplined when they step out of line - but NEVER to the extend that they are broken or bruised. The roles are House Doll or House Boy. 

DISCLAIMER: the Hellfire club has a strong BDSM theme to it. If this makes anyone uncomfortable on an OOC level, it is suggested that they do not apply to work here. Everyone else... have fun!

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