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The most important thing to remember when rping as a member of the Ascension City Sheriff's Department is that we are, essentially, a small town entity. The greater powers outside in the world turn a blind eye for the most part. This means that we will not be able to get help from them most likely. It also means that an occasional violation of the protocol that you know in our world will be ignored.

The ACSD is a non-factional, nominally impartial entity, but approaches the undercity residents and non-humans with suspicious. Although the different members may have their own ideals and beliefs of the other races, as an organization, the Sheriff will want to surround himself with people that he believes share his wariness about the darker beings of the city. If Vampire A is a victim of Human B, the Police as a whole must remain unbiased in their treatment of the suspects. The *highest priority* for the ACSD is keeping the above-ground sections of town safe; law enforcement expeditions to the undercity are rare and almost always undercover.


There are five different ranks in the Sheriff's Department that players can achieve through RP, and they are as follows.

-Command Staff

Rookies are new members to the force and are in a probationary period. This is done both for IC and OOC reasons to ensure that the player is a good fit for the group and won't cause trouble through 'white knighting' or power gaming since the ACSD does have access to modern law enforcement grade firearms and the powers of arrest, search and seizure. Any rookie found abusing these powers will be contacted OOC and have the rules explained and be warned once. Any further infractions will result in removal from the group. The probationary period can last anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks, and is mainly determined by the character's roleplay quality and compatibility with the ACSD.

The standard beat cops of the city. These are the people who patrol the streets either alone or with a partner, seeking out crimes and wrong-doings, while also helping out the citizens of the city. Officers are outfitted with standard police gear, including a pistol, two sets of handcuffs, mace, a mag-light and a baton. Some officers also perform desk duties within the SD, such as answering calls from the public, filing reports and organizing evidence. 

The detectives of the ACSD are comprised of players who have shown promise in their role as deputy, and have progressed to the next level within the group. Detectives are specialists who are called in when more serious crimes occur. The detectives are responsible for investigation after the officers have dealt with the initial crime scenes. These investigations often take quite some time, due to the sensitive nature of their work. 

Command Staff
These are sergeants, lieutenants and the Chief Deputy, the second-in-command for the Sheriff and the executive officer on the force. In the Sheriff's absence the CD takes over, in the CD's absence a lieutenant...you get the idea. 

The highest authority within the ACSD. The Sheriff has the final say over anything happening within the force.


To the best of my knowledge, we don't have uniforms available, although that may change. For now, the rule is to look professional. Badge on the right hip, no obscene or "witty" logo tshirts, no high heels or miniskirts, no ripped clothing and for God's sake no visible appearance of being any race other than human. Since we're not providing you uniforms, the most important thing is just to use good judgment. The Sheriff is the final arbiter on this.

However, if you do want to pick up gear and clothing to fit in, a common look among ACSD personnel is jeans, a tactical vest of some kind (plate carrier preferred, straight Kevlar acceptable), the badge on the right front hip, a pistol, and an optional shoulder weapon slung on the back. 

The ACSD is the only organization on the island authorized to openly carry firearms beyond pistols. So if you have a rifle or a shotgun, great, but these are *props.* This is not a meter combat sim. This is "near future," so no laser blasters or lightsabers, and it's still a police department, so if a SWAT team wouldn't have it, you shouldn't either. (Leave the Stinger missiles and squad automatic weapons in your inventory.) Most traditional firearms won't help much against undercity residents anyway. Please try to avoid anything with a heavy prim count. The OOC consequences of a weapons discharge are 100% on you, so forget using your incendiary rounds or cage-bullets or nukes or whatever.

⊱✦§~~~OOC NOTES~~~§✦⊰

YOUR BEHAVIOR: Playing as a Police Officer does not grant you a license to go roaming about the sim and being a 'white knight' of sorts. Patrol cops may sometimes come across crimes taking place on the street. But, if people on-sim have obviously gone out of their way to find privacy, then let them have that privacy. If you are in doubt of whether or not you would be welcome to approach, a simple IM to the people involved in the scene is all it takes. Some crimes are supposed to happen for story purposes. These scenes could be planned, and we ask you to respect the privacy of others. As much as an arrest might benefit your character, the crime taking place could be just as important to either of the parties involved. Keep this in mind, and don't let an adversarial scene IC escalate to OOC drama.

CORRUPTION: The playing of 'dirty' cops is allowed, but keep in mind, if enough evidence is brought against crooked characters, they'll be punished like any other criminal. They will lose their job at best, face time in prison, or add to the swamp under the Sheriff's house at worst. If you play a dirty cop, you accept OOC that you may actually be dismissed from the force at any time if discovered IC.

DETENTION: The topic of how long a suspect or criminal can be held is one that has been long debated in RP sims. As a rule of thumb, if no RP has been provided by the ACSD toward a subject in holding over a 24 hour period, then the subject will have the option of leaving to resume their RP. In IC terms, this will be explained by the suspect avoiding conviction on a 'technicality'.

DOCUMENTATION: Real-life cops spend a lot of their time writing reports. Doing this in Second Life is no damn fun, so you shouldn't worry much about it. But it's important for us to keep tabs on what our members are doing and make sure we're active. So if you arrest somebody, break up a fight, stop an alien abduction or win the Fields Medal, try to take a minute and write a few sentences on an NC and send it to the Sheriff or post it on the Law forum. It's also no fun to just read an RP transcript that somebody dumped into a notecard. (*Do not* do this.) Deputies take notes and keep basic records; detectives actually need to build cases and more detail is expected.


1. Civilians (regardless of race) are only permitted to carry handguns. A carry permit does not require any actual paperwork, just a visit to the ACSD station and an IC discussion with any deputy in which they identify themselves and register the weapon. 

2. Home-owners and owners of businesses are permitted to keep civilian grade rifles/shotguns in their place of business/residence. The permitting process for shotguns is the same as for concealed-carry pistols; they need to identify themselves, their address and the weapon they're registering.

3. In addition to pistols, on-duty deputies displaying the ACSD badge and title can carry carbine-style rifles or shotguns, as well as body armor that is consistent with their police (not military) role. Machine guns, rocket launchers or other World War III nonsense is not permitted. Specialty gear like helmets, gas masks, riot equipment and the like are acceptable in special circumstances but not appropriate for regular patrol. We are policing the island, not occupying it. 

4. The ACSD has access to a limited supply of "specialized" weaponry such as silver bullets, aerosolized silver, etc. Buying it is expensive, keeping it in the armory makes it prone to theft, and making it is a pain in the ass. ACSD policy restricts its use to only the most dire circumstances. Unless special preparations have been made well in advance, ACSD deputies will likely carry no more than 1-3 rounds of "special ammunition" at any time, if any at all. Special restraining gear (silver cuffs, nets, cell, Holy Water supersoakers) does not currently exist but may be developed through RP.

5. Weaponry of any sort is not a substitute for RP. ACSD personnel are expected to conduct themselves diplomatically and professionally, in keeping with their status as a small, nominally-human law enforcement agency on a remote island surrounded by paranormals. Depending on the circumstances, triggerhappy or overly-aggressive behavior by deputies can be handled in a progressive manner, first IC (such as a referral by a supervisor to the ACSD staff psychiatrist or a written reprimand) and if necessary, OOC (such as a warning, suspension or ejection from the ACSD.)


The most important thing about the laws that govern Ascension City is that what you know in your day and time do not necessarily apply. We are set apart enough from the real world and the laws and behavior of those who uphold it will reflect that. It isn't quite as loose and free as the Wild West but it may be as close anything comes. The laws and governance will be organic and evolving as rp dictates, but we don't have a court system and we don't have a state penitentiary to warehouse baddies for three to five. We have to live with these RPers and they have to live with us. 

The following guidelines were written by a previous Sheriff, but they represent a general attitude and philosophy that's consistent with Sheriff Branstrom's.

"1.Murder: The murder of no soul under my watch will be forgiven. If they have done you wrong then you come talk to me or mine and we'll handle it. Under no circumstance will I be happy if you take my law into your own hands. If it's a matter of self defense you damn well better hope you have a witness or a very good story.

2.Robbery: If it isn't yours then keep your grubby hands to yourself. If someone took it from you then you need to report it, yeah? Folks barging in on other folks and making accusations can far too often result in issue 1.

3.Undercity: You need to have a very good reason to go down there. You need to have a lot of back-up down there. If you go down there and don't come back I surely hope your family has nice pictures for your memorial cause me and my lads are not coming down there to get you. The folks that live down there tend to take care of their own so respect that and they better respect it as well.

4.Drunk and Disorderly: Behave yourselves. I like my town nice and quiet so if you want to throw yourselves a party just be respectful of your neighbors. Anything that brings me out of my comfy boat past the witchin' hour will not be dealt with kindly.

5.Assault: Pick on someone your own size and have a damn good reason to have not called my office first.

6. Rape: Forcing yourself onto someone is just ... plain ... dumb. There are enough loose women, or even men if that's your fancy. No sense getting yourself arrested for that. We don't like it ... at all ... so remember that. Rapists tend to accidentally get deposited in the Undercity.

7. Drug Possession and Distribution: .... buy in down there and keep it down there. I have way too much on my hands trying to keep the monsters at bay to worry about you buncha hippy wannabes looking for enlightenment or whatever the hell it is you do. Keep it away from young ones and off of my streets. End of story.  ((Legal above: Weed, the sex shop stims. Legal below: Everything...because it's the Undercity))

8. Magic: Me and mine know our way around magicks. I have a soft spot for practitioners. Having said that if you use it as a weapon, if you assault someone physically or otherwise with magic, or if you cause someone to alter their .... you know what, let me simplify it. No using magic in the streets or any other public place. Too many chances for bystanders to get themselves hurt."

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