The Raven Cafe


The Raven Cafe


Current Owner/Chief Manager: Starling (Eve Gaelyth)


The Raven Café – Story & Summary


Originally a pharmacy owned and operated by an old couple, a tragic fire closed that chapter of the location’s history on a dark note or so local legend would say. But from the ashes of that disaster rose what now stands as a time-tested part of Ascension’s town square: The Raven Café. Named after the famous tragic poem in reference to the gloomy fate of the location’s prior tenants as well as to cultivate a certain mystique with the younger generation, the Raven Café’s patio and wide front windows make it one of Ascension’s more identifiable establishments. Catering to all comers, student or professional, resident or visitor, human or supernatural, the Raven Café offers competitively priced refreshments including a variety of fine hot coffees, iced coffees, teas and sodas, smoothies, as well as sandwiches, soups, baked goods, and the occasional special such as quiches and salads when available.

In addition to the eatery aspect of the Raven, it also serves as the more mundane bookstore counterpart to its next-door neighbor Curiouser and Curiouser. With an eclectic selection of books, many of which are on Ascension Community College class syllabi, the shop serves as a hang-out for many students at the nearby college between classes or for study groups, which the Raven Café allows with only minor rules.

Finally, the Raven Café is known for hosting more cultured events such as poetry and open mic nights, as well as art shows with crafts from local artists. While almost exclusively mundane, there is the occasional presence of magic and the supernatural at these events. All are welcome, within reason, so who knows what one might see.

All in all, the Raven Café is one of the best places in town to meet with friends old or new over a coffee and a sandwich, to people-watch passerbys in the town square while enjoying a fresh-baked muffin, or to study late into the night for an upcoming exam at the community college.


The Raven Café – Group


Copy and paste the following (or type if you’re feeling masochistic) into SL to join the Raven Café group:


Group notices will keep you informed of job openings, events that the café will be hosting, any important information for regulars, and updates for the staff.


The Raven Café – Basic/OOC Information


The Raven Café is, first and foremost, a small-town coffee shop and bookstore. It welcomes patrons of all races and genders provided they obey the laws of the city, common decency, and do not wear forms which are disruptive to the other patrons. Likewise, the Raven hires from the same pool without discrimination, though those with a more monstrous visage are encouraged to wear humanlike visages if possible; after all, it /is/ a coffee shop.

Employment opportunities include baristas, waitresses, bus boys/girls, clerks for the bookstore side of things, as well as any number of other positions. The Raven is quite flexible in that regard. To apply for a position, join the Raven Café group above and then get in touch with one of the managers, preferably ICly for an interview.

There isn’t a uniform for employees though there is a suggested dress code; pants, a short or long-sleeve shirt, comfortable shoes; basically, something that you’d expect to see someone wearing in a casual establishment like the Café.

If you’re going to have any fights on the patio/inside the shop, please drop Riley Piper (Seraknyal Seriman) an IM of the damage so she can properly post a notice in the group/RP out fixing it up.

Above all, though… HAVE FUN!


The Raven Café – Regular Events


Open Mic Night: Every Thursday is Open Mic Night! Come on out and show your talents to an appreciative crowd. Poetry, live music, performances, and more are welcome.

TGIF!: Friday nights the Raven hosts live music from regional bands; come enjoy the (usually) eclectic sounds. From garage band punk music to Aman Dua traditional lyre, you never really know what might end up there!

Art Shows: Are you a local artist creating works which you’d like to display and sell? The Raven Café is always seeking more 

submissions for its revolving art-shows. Have your art put on display in the Café with a notecard listing the piece’s title, the artist, and the price. The Raven Café doesn’t retain a commission from these sales; all profit goes directly to the artist. Stop by today if interested! Additionally, infrequent, larger-in-scope craft shows are held at the Raven; flyers will be circulated regarding these closer to the date!


The Raven Café – Menu


Hot Beverages:

Brewed Coffee

Cafe au Lait


Cafe con Leche





Chai Latte

Hot Chocolate

Hot Tea

Cold Beverages:

Iced Coffee

Iced Latte

Iced Macchiato

Iced Chai

Iced Chai Latte

Iced Tea

Iced Green Tea

Canned Soda

Various sandwiches, soups, and baked goods depending on the available supplies and the day of the week.


The Raven Café – NPCs


Mark - College age male with black hair and a bit of a scruffy haircut and beard. Works the counter, is a bit of a music snob but an awesome barista. Often doesn’t put enough yogurt in the parfaits.

Skylar - Redheaded waitress, flirts a little too much and dresses provocative. Writes her number on the wrappers of hot guys’ food.

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