The Story of Ascension

The port city of Ascension lies on the stormy shores of Oregon. Early settlers noticed right away that strange things seemed to happen in the town, and made very effort to be inside after dark, lest their bloodless corpses be found like so many before. Little did they know that the powerful Ascension Stone on the hill acted as a pulse point, sending waves of energy through the supernatural planes and drawing dark creatures to their town.

As the settlement grew from a small cluster of frightened travelers into a village, then a town, it became clear that supernatural creatures lurked around every corner. 

Vampires were the first to become unequivocally "known." They fed indiscriminately on the villagers, pulling them into alleys and tunnels to slake their unending thirst for blood. 

Other supernaturals watched, at first, having been called by the Stone themselves, but unwilling to draw attention to themselves just yet. 

The villagers called upon a famed group of Romani hunters who had dealt with more than their fair share of supernaturals in the shadows of the Transylvanian mountains. These skilled hunters declared war on the vampires, as well as the dark creatures that hid in the shadows. By the late 1800s, much of the world was involved in a similar crisis, with humans trying to hold back the dark forces threatening their way of life and their very necks. They received assistance from a few non-human races, most notably the good Elementals, but it was not enough to settle things for all. 

The war raged between the supernaturals and humans and between supernatural groups themselves for almost a century. But the proximity of human society to the Ascension Stone had another, unanticipated effect. Point mutations in human DNA resulted in a new race with physical or metaphysical mutations such as psychic powers. These new 'mutants' were reviled and feared at first by the humans, drawing some of the attention away from the skirmishes with supernaturals. But not for long.

The Stone began to glow brighter, pulsing so strongly it could be seen like a strobe through the thick fog that perpetually cloaked the city. In the summer of 1984, the land finally quivered and cracked, severing Ascension's connection to the mainland. Had the Stone punished them? Those with ties to the land declared it so, considering similar events had occurred at axes mundi throughout the world. 

The War of the Races had taken quite a toll on the world, setting up a new dynamic now that the humans knew they weren't alone. The Universal Truce, drafted and signed by leaders of all races in late 1985, set up new equality laws and rules against illegal feedings on humans. The isolation of Ascension and the signing of the Truce did little to quell the bad blood between the races and some animosities run deep even today.

Some of the older races in Ascension remember the war well, and their bitterness has not faded. And there are still descendants of the original Romani hunters present today, bent on driving the supernaturals out despite the pleasant face they might show in public...


Not much gets in or out of Ascension these days, with the notable exception of Vitality, the artificial blood product used by vampires and demons to supplement their *ahem* limited natural supply. Other supplies can be hard to come by, and special things need to be imported specifically.


Ascension City exists in the near future of an alternate reality where supernatural beings are known and acknowledged, and cities are now integrated. We recognize all pop culture and historical references. The city is located in Oregon in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. It is nearly always overcast, gloomy, and raining with a heavy pall of fog over the city. The city has a purposeful nostalgic feel and timeless atmosphere, as it has been mostly isolated for the past 40 years.

The city itself is rumored to have been conceived and constructed by one Ivo Shandor, using unusual materials such as cold-riveted beams with cores of pure selenium, magnesium-tungsten alloys, and gold plated bolts. (Bonus points if you get the reference)

From top-to-bottom, Ascension is steeped in the supernatural. It is an axis mundi, anchored by the Ascension Stone.


There is no single inspiration for the city, though we know that players will want to draw their own inspirations from popular movies and TV shows involving vampires, mutants, and demons, such as Constantine, True Blood, Buffy, X-Men, and so on. We generally encourage creativity within the limits we have set out for the sim, but if you plan on incorporating a major element from any existing movie or television show, we ask you to check with staff to see if it is all right or even works with our lore. 

⊱✦§~~~LEGACY PLAYERS~~~§✦⊰

Played in the old Ascension in 2011 and want to keep your character? Go ahead. The story is loosely set up to mirror the old city. This city is an alternate universe/mirror city of old Ascension, but there is no reason you can't use your old character's memories and history and just adapt it to the new digs however you need to. There is a lot more freedom in character creation, so you can update and change as needed!

⊱✦§~~~OOC ATMOSPHERE~~~§✦⊰

We want this to be what roleplay is supposed to be: Fun. We want you to have fun, to explore, to make friends, and to enjoy yourself. Not to stress out, feel unimportant or left out of a 'clique'. We want this to be your home.

To that end, we want you to tell us when you feel something isn't working well on the sim. Obviously not every suggestion can be taken, but you will be answered one way or another. No one is more important than anyone else. We are all just a bunch of geeks at heart out to have some fun with a great group of people.

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