Rumor has it the Market is starting back up after a bit of downtime... the tunnels have been cleared, allowing the way into a large cavernous bazaar ...

⊱✦§~~~ The Market~~~§✦⊰

It's simply called The Market. Whisper the words, and everyone on the island knows what you mean. The dark caves hidden in the Undercity hold a bustling marketplace full of anything and everything one can imagine. Smuggled items, human meat and blood, drugs, guns, hard to come by goods from the mainland, mogwai (maybe!) and other creatures...use your imagination. This market does -not- replace the locations aboveground where goods can be found (such as the occult shop, Doc Zombie's, and other businesses). Think of it as a central dispensary that is "invite only", where the goods can then be redistributed aboveground. Have a business? Odds are you want to talk to the folks down here to get some stuff on the cheap!

The Market follows Undercity Law, so make sure you're familiar. Law enforcement can't help you down in the Undercity, so be wary if you head down that way. 

The Market is not safe, nor nice. There is a lot of unsavory stuff down there. You can get almost -anything- there that is legal/allowed for in gameplay. Hiring mercenaries, buying drugs, selling human meat or organs...yeah, it's all down there. 

Job Openings: Bouncers, Servers, Vendors, Mercenaries, Smugglers ... anything shady or seedy is welcome. Supernaturals are preferred, it takes a special kind of human to fit in (though don't let it be said it isn't possible).


Lycans, vampires and demons have unlimited access to the market. Other races *must* be accompanied by one in order to get past the guardians UNLESS your character is a "known" patron of the Market, having made your mark there already. Who is "known?" That's up to YOU. If your char would be known, go with it. No one is OOCly going to question your right to be there. We -want- the area to be used, but the sensitive nature of the Market makes it necessary to have some sort of gatekeeping ICly. Once Tinky and Bjorn "learn" your character, you'll have unrestricted access. Use them as an RP tool...consider engaging these NPCs in RP when there are other people in the Market to have them help you get past the guardians!

Law enforcement from the surface and journalists are not allowed (officially) into the Market. Supernatural members of the police force may enter unofficially. This is both good and bad, because while you're not going to get arrested for doing an illegal trade, you also can't cry for help when someone stabs you in the back! Law enforcement -can- go in the rest of the Undercity, though they generally leave it alone as it's not worth losing staff to chase a vamp down there. It's our hope that with the Market, we'll see more conflict spill over onto the surface, making more work for the cops to do up there anyhow. :) 

*South Entrance Guardian: Tinky, the massive black widow spider. Yes, she's really a spider. An Ascension spider, though. And yes, she knows who belongs here and who doesn't. Try to make an unauthorized entry into the Market and you might find yourself wrapped up in her little cocoon. 

*East Entrance Guardian: Bjorn the Baker, the corpulent, naked, rotting cousin of Bobo the demonic clown. He doesn't carry that cleaver for fun! Bjorn's meat pies are well known in the Market. (Psst...they're Soylent pies. Obvi.) He tends to be more aggressive than Tinky in guarding the Market entry, so make sure you know you belong before trying to get past him. If you're feeling brave, just try and tug his nipple rings. 


 ⊱✦§~~~ Fight Pit~~~§✦⊰


 In the back corner, there is a small arena for fights. It's used by Undercity dwellers to fight out their squabbles, as well as by the underground fight club purported to be run by some Lycans... 

Fight Boss: Hiero

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