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A troll is a supernatural being that generally dwells in isolated rocks, mountains, or caves, live together in small family units, and are rarely helpful to human beings. They may or may not be considered dangerous, depending on temperament. The greatest danger, in general, is sub-standard intelligence coupled with large body mass. 

A troll is a supernatural being that generally dwells in isolated rocks, mountains, or caves, live together in small family units known as Festers, and are rarely helpful to human beings. They may or may not be considered dangerous, depending on temperament. The greatest danger, in general, is substandard intelligence coupled with large body mass.

Trolls are sometimes associated with particular landmarks, especially bridges. Urban trolls may be very protective/possessive of their land locations due to competition for the sites, which often leads to altercations around bridges, tunnels, docks, and other places trolls have taken up residence. Both male and female trolls may display a habit of bergtagning ('kidnapping'; literally "mountain-taking") potential mates of other races. However, they will first attempt strangely romantic wooing of the objects of their desire, sometimes to humorous effect. They generally have a disagreeable nature about them, though some are more depressive than gruff. They usually have a slow and deliberate way of speaking, but not the caveman-like "Me go here and go boom-boom."

They are known to be intensely loyal, as well as fierce fighters. Their strength and stubbornness are legendary, but may never renege on an oath or risk becoming an Ogre. Once they have pledged their support to someone, they dedicate themselves fully. However, if a troll's patience is broken, he will fly into a monstrous rage, destroying everything and everyone until he calms or is taken down. A troll's eyes begin to darken as he starts to question trust and honor. If he ever betrays a promise or questions his beliefs, he fully changes into a darkened troll, or Ogre. Ogres are carnivorous and fully nocturnal, known for eating human flesh and devouring babies.


Ascension trolls are large, slow, dim-witted creatures that are often sought after for labor-intensive blue collar jobs. They usually have greenish skin in a wide range of shades from very dark to very pale, though the different “types” can show differing colors. Their eyes tend to be green to blue to black, but orange and gold have also been described. Hair is usually black or dark brown and worn in a topknot or braids, though some urban trolls have even adopted mohawks! Females are well-muscled but noticeably smaller than males, though in some individuals it may be hard to discern gender. Many are heavily pierced and tattooed.

Some forest trolls are shaggy, with trees and moss-like growth on their heads and noses. Some even have two or three heads and some ogres may only have one eye in the middle of their forehead.  


In Ascension lore, trolls may live up to 500 years of age before they "go to earth" or turn to stone and become part of the land. However, if they are exposed to direct sunlight before then, they may be turned to stone.  


There are several “types” of trolls identified, mainly just subsets of the nominative race with a few differences in function or appearance. The types have no bearing overall on powers.

Black troll

Also known as demon trolls, these horned trolls are sought after by Valdalusian nobles for protection and have darker skin than the average troll.

Cave troll

Powerful, feral trolls that often live underground. Most are so wild they cannot even speak, but naturally follow the general troll’s views on truth.

Forest troll

Keeping to the forests, these trolls are often heavily covered in moss and greenery, and forge close bonds with earth elementals.

Gray troll

Having been nearly energy drained to death by undead creatures, these emaciated trolls forge strong ties to negative energy.

Hunter Ogre

These cunning Ogres are not satisfied with simply waiting for meals to come by, and actively train to hunt humans and supernaturals relentlessly.

Ice troll

Cold-dwelling trolls that may have white or blue skin and snow-white hair. Often forge close bonds with ice elementals.

Mountain troll

Massive trolls that prowl mountains.


These are trolls gone “bad”, living solely off the flesh of other beings and generally foul to the core.

Rock troll

Trolls with an affinity for earth. Having brownish or gray skin, they possess natural camouflage in areas of stone.


These are aquatic cousins of the troll, and may be covered in seaweed or shells.

Wasteland troll

Found in mountains and badlands, these trolls may be tan, brown, or reddish, and tend to have an edge of lunacy to them.


These are abilities shared by all trolls, and do not take up a power slot.


Most trolls have adapted to low light/no light situations with astoundingly powerful nightvision, able to see well in near darkness.


Trolls are infamous for their regenerative abilities, able to recover from the most grievous of wounds or regenerate entire limbs given time. After cutting off a troll's limbs, one must seal the wounds with fire or acid to prevent regeneration. Wounds caused by fire or acid will not regenerate. 


Trolls are renowned for their sense of smell, on par with canine ability. They can remember the scent of a specific person and track them. They cannot sniff out the supernatural nature of a being, but can recall a specific smell. 


Trolls have a very thick hide that is almost impervious to arrows, some small knives, and other stabbing attacks. It is not impervious to gunshot wounds.


Trolls have very strong teeth and jaws, capable of delivering vicious bites or chewing through tough materials such as leather.


Choose FIVE of the following in addition to the race attributes.


The stomachs of these trolls contain very powerful digestive acids, due to their habit of eating whatever they find. They can vomit at will on a target, which has a horrifically foul stench and also may burn from the acidic nature.


The troll releases an annoying, loud bellow that may be strong enough to shatter windows.


These trolls turn into the perfect labourers (well, as long as their instructions don't contain any three or more syllable words). They can perform 8 hours a day of repetitive physical activity without tiring at all. This only has a minor effect when the activity done is not repetitive, such as during combat, and this does nothing when the troll is already exhausted.


When within ten feet of their home location (whatever bridge, cave, tunnel, etc they associate with), the troll's strength will be maximized.

⊱✦§Reinforced System§✦⊰

A heightened immune system, able to fend off disease, illness or small doses of poison more efficiently. They also have stronger stomachs, capable of eating outdated or rotten food without becoming ill. Though trying to sustain oneself on a diet of solely inedible foods will have negative effects as they would to anyone else.


Above average intelligence (compared to other trolls).


The troll can bring its fist down with rock-smashing strength at a faster speed than normal.

⊱✦§Stench Blossom§✦⊰

The ability of the troll to release a foul, eye-watering odor in a range of about 5 feet that can be potent enough to deter aggressors.  

⊱✦§Sun Resistance§✦⊰

The troll is descended from a line that historically has been resistant to turning to stone in full sunlight. These trolls can walk about during the day in the open without fear of being turned to stone.


The troll is far more graceful and agile than the average troll, able to move in small spaces without knocking everything over like a bull in a china shop.


The troll's blood contains a strain of hyperactive antibodies that allows them to heal much faster (half the time a human would) from injuries and allows the blood to clot much faster when the injury is first caused. The effect is neutralised by fire, so does not function for burns, stops functioning when a wound is cauterised, etc.

All weaknesses below apply to trolls. 

Slow as Molasses

Trolls are notoriously slow. Slow when walking, running, or even in their attacks. They may have strength on their side, but it costs them their ability to move quickly.


Fear of lightning and generally very sudden, bright lights. It also may hurt their eyes.


Direct sunlight turns them to stone (Generally not a huge issue in Ascension where it's always overcast -- but they wouldn't want to be out in the open for too long in case the sun peeks through!)

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