It is a good rule of thumb to always contact your intended target before using any the following, both to ensure consent and understanding.

The limitations and descriptions listed here may change, especially if anything in particular is being twisted to gain unfair advantage over other players. Limitations/rules should not be perceived as a 'challenge' to find loopholes. Play fair! :)

All vampires carries the race attributes listed below. In addition to those, you may choose FIVE specialized abilities from the rest of the powersets. 


These are attributes of the vampire race, meaning everyone carries these and they do NOT count towards the power limits. 

⊱✦§Attunement to Reality§✦⊰

Raise one of your five senses to above average. You can only raise ONE sense, period, and that raised sense can present a weakness; i.e, raising your hearing to superhuman levels can deafen you if someone makes a loud noise next to you, bright lights can blind your enhanced sight. You cannot see across the entire sim or hear conversations through thick walls. Environment will have a profound effect on this skill (e.g. Your acute vision might not be too helpful on a foggy day).


Vampire makes him/herself seem more attractive. Others are more likely to follow commands (not guaranteed), but still have free will.

⊱✦§Dread Gaze§✦⊰

Inflict discomfort (in another supernatural) or terror (in a mortal) by holding their gaze. You *must* hold eye contact. Once contact is broken, the discomfort/fear dissipates.

⊱✦§The Forgetful Mind§✦⊰

Rework ONE memory in a given session with your target. This is fully contingent upon the victim's consent. Depending on their own strengths, race, etc the new memory may be 'fuzzy' or clearer.


You attempt to discern the location of only one childe, ghoul, or your sire at a time. Does not give any other information other than the general direction and distance.

⊱✦§Master’s Voice§✦⊰

Telepathically relay a short command to one childe or ghoul at a time, regardless of location. One way communication, the childe or ghoul cannot reply.


By holding a target with your gaze you can implant false thoughts or hypnotic suggestions in a target's mind. You can only plant ONE false thought or suggestion in a scene. No rewriting histories. This depends highly on the target's state of mind and their own abilities.

⊱✦§Picture Perfect§✦⊰

The vampire can, for a limited time, prevent itself from being revealed in reflective surfaces, video recordings and photos. If intending to use this power for destructive means, on people or owned properties, regular consent rules apply. (Meaning no robbing a business claiming the surveillance cameras couldn’t see you, without asking the business owner first)


Permanent swiftness of motion, two times faster than a normal human. (See Blur power for more speed options)


Twice the strength of a human.  


In addition to the race attributes listed above, you may choose FIVE of the following powers. There is no limit to how many you can take from a given powerset, as long as it is FIVE total. 


The following powers are shared between vampires and demons, cited as further evidence of their shared heritage. They can be referred to ICly as the Valdalusian powers, in reference to the demon home plane. 

⊱✦§Becoming Appearance§✦⊰

You take up the physical appearance that’s most alluring to one specified target at a time. Limitation: Only the specified target sees your altered form, everyone else sees you for who you really are. This does not change your clothes nor voice.

⊱✦§Cloak of Shadows§✦⊰

Draw nearby shadows around, obscuring from sight. Limitations: Needs dense nearby shadows, so not very useful in the daylight. If the char moves at all, the illusion is broken, so cannot be used for quick escapes. Physically draining.

⊱✦§Deep Song§✦⊰

Influence the emotional state of listeners with a song/poetry. Make the listeners feel happy/sad/calm/angry. No specific commands, and dependent on the state of mind of the other character (relaxed, open to suggestion, not blocking).

⊱✦§Mage Class§✦⊰

Wizards, warlocks, and witches. Taking this power consumes THREE of your FIVE choices for powers and confers the ability of a trained Magus (or equivalent) to the character.


You compel a target to immediately set work on a masterpiece. The target cannot focus on anything else until the project is done. The target will forcibly remove any sort of obstruction that gets in the way of completing its task. All resulting crafts are made in tribute to you.

⊱✦§Piercing the Veil§✦⊰

Can see though any alteration of reality by another supernatural. you cannot know their intent - merely see through a disguise, or a 'cloak'.

⊱✦§Reading the Fade§✦⊰

Can read emotions and intents, along with sensing deception. Limitations: Does not extend to reading specific thoughts. ("I don't like you" rather than "You killed my father, prepare to die".)

⊱✦§The Spirit's Touch§✦⊰

Learn something of an object and its previous owner from its resonance. You must be touching the object. Explain this to your target, and work out what you would see. This *will* reveal specifics, but only what the target is willing to OOCly reveal. No inferences. See the psychometry mutation notes for further information.

⊱✦§Touch of Lethe§✦⊰

Make something like a person or event or object very difficult to concentrate on and remember.  If successful, the subject will actively not -want- to think about it. Extremely draining physically.


All require direct eye contact to function, and those who can see through illusions may be immune.


A simple one word order another may feel compelled to obey. Your target cannot do something that they wouldn't ordinarily do; i.e, they won't kill someone if they're not inclined to anger/violence. This is not hypnosis - this is a command, and commands are not always followed. Use your common sense on this.


Make one target more influenced to your will over time. NOT enslaved, but more likely to do your bidding without question. Target must be willing, and blood of the vampire must be given, though this is not a ghoul. Conditioned individuals are more like willing, temporary servants. Only works on “ghoulable” races.


Completely disorient a target. The target feels overwhelmed and may take no action until eye contact is broken.


You gain a temporary ally out of one specified target. The target will fight in your favor for a short time after eye contact is broken.


You compel a target to tell one truth.


You compel a target to tell one lie.


⊱✦§Arbitrary Oracle§✦⊰

Constantly assaulted by voices which no one can hear. Sometimes misleading, other times truthful, you learn random facts about people, places, or things. The targeted player or owner of an object/place may discriminately choose facts to share or purposefully give misinformation or disguise it in a riddle.

⊱✦§Aura Perception§✦⊰

Learn various qualities of a person from their aura. This is general aura reading - happy/sad/angry. No specifics about someone, such as kinks or intent.

⊱✦§Deceptive Aura§✦⊰

Your aura is in constant flux and difficult for anyone to sense, unless they can see through illusions..

⊱✦§Eidetic Memory§✦⊰

You remember, with perfect detail, things seen and heard. You can recall anything that has been committed to memory with only minor concentration.

⊱✦§Fire Gift§✦⊰

Able to light a small flame onto an object through a trance-like state. The vampire is not immune to burning! The object must be within two feet, and produces a flame the size of a small candle. It takes a great deal of focus and energy to do this, and only one object (candle, etc) can be lit at one time.


A glitch in reality may cause an illusion that affects ONE of the five senses.


You cause a target to hallucinate with a deeply rooted fear by altering one sense: sight, touch, hearing, smell, or taste. You cannot manipulate the target’s altered state nor experience. Those with ability to see through illusions may not be fooled.


Learn some details of a person's state of mind in relation to a personal object. You must TOUCH the object and IM the owner to find out OOCly what the object would say. You will *only* be able to see what they say you would. No Inferences.


Affect the mind of another in a way that leaves them unable to find their way out of an area.

⊱✦§Prophetic Torpor§✦⊰

While in torpor, you receive prophetic visions of the future. Not all things seen are met with absolute certainty. Only clues about upcoming events can be learned. Contact the party leading an event, be it a player or Ascension City staff.

⊱✦§Shadow Play§✦⊰

Ability to manipulate shadows to take any shape or form. Shadows are bound to their natural flat planes of floors, walls, objects and etc.; they may not float as a disembodied form. Those with ability to see through illusions will not be fooled.


Briefly probe someone's mind or project a telepathic message to them. The vampire can only do this for a short time. What the vampire finds out is up to the target. Follow general limits for telepathy on sim, outlined in the mutant powers card under telepathy.

⊱✦§Throw Voice§✦⊰

You are able to disguise and throw your voice. Only works for a short time and may not work on those who can see through illusions.

⊱✦§Trigger Memory§✦⊰

Through direct eye contact, the vampire can cause one forgotten or repressed memory to resurface. You cannot control what resurfaces, the memory itself, or how the player reacts to what comes up.


⊱✦§Animal Magnetism§✦⊰

With this power, the vampire can Ghoul an animal into becoming its familiar. Normal animals found in the available environment only, and the animal must appear like a regular animal. The vampire can receive vague images from the animal, but much like the Telepathy ability they are only snatches of what the animal sees and they cannot communicate with the animal from across the city. NOTE: The animal must be an actual player character and NOT a pet attachment. See the other races page for information on allowed animals. Vampires with this power have the added bonus of a calming effect around animals or animal-like beings, such as shifters. It's a pleasant, inoffensive aura that some may find relaxing.


A temporary increase in speed that is so fast a vampire might appear invisible for brief periods, such as appearing suddenly across the room from where they were. (Different than Speed, which is more of a permanent boost to speed.)

⊱✦§Gaseous Form§✦⊰

After achieving torpor, your consciousness leaves your body in a gaseous form. Your gaseous form is visible, though you cannot speak in this form. You may not pass through any physical nor magical barriers, but may pass under doors. All weaknesses and susceptibilities still apply while in gaseous form. If either your gaseous form or physical body is disturbed by a touch or spell effect, you retreat back to your body.


These vampires do not fly, but can hover in place above the ground. 

⊱✦§Mask of a Thousand Faces§✦⊰

Change your appearance and mannerisms to mimic someone else. You MUST let the mimicked person know you are doing this and get approval, and the effects only last for one scene. Those able to see through illusions may not be fooled.


Often an ability found in old vampires or simply ones that may be a little...dysfunctional. The vampire can ooze an oppressive, dark presence. Reaction may vary from none at all to pure terror. Most often used to force compliance.


Moving objects with the mind. Unable to lift anything that is heavier than themselves, and smaller objects can be lifted for longer. Cannot lift anything that is not solid.

⊱✦§Voice of the Abyss§✦⊰

Heighten an emotion already present, or enhance the sensations already felt. Can't be used to cause fear in an angry opponent, for example, but could increase the anger into a possible blind or foolhardy kind.


These powers are either literally or figuratively fiendish. 


Gain abilities from an animal from which they feed, such as sense of smell from a dog, balance from a cat, etc. The vampire can feed on any local animal, but is only able to gain abilities from ONE type of their choosing. In addition, vampires who feed on animal blood generally become degenerate and bestial themselves (Works with Dirtied Blood).


Through direct eye contact, you put a target through a brief fit of insanity. They may still perform actions, however the results are unpredictable. You cannot influence a character to react in any way.

⊱✦§Dirtied Blood§✦⊰

Upon being turned, this vampire became distorted and monstrous. Odd skin colors, warped fangs, clawed hands, and pointed ears may all be seen with this. This is not an opening for "neko vampires" or anything similar. These should not be animalistic, but ghoulish. Think of these as our Nosferatu/Gangrel.


These vampires do not have venom, but they secrete a substance during a bite that will make a victim’s blood taste bad to the next vampire who may feed on them. This can be done either to hoard a favored prey’s blood for themselves, or to protect a ghoul or favored prey from indiscriminate feeders.

⊱✦§Flight of Chiroptera§✦⊰

These vampires do NOT change into bats, but can grow a pair of wings at will -- hypothesized to be remnants of their demon heritage. The downside is that sprouting these wings is very painful, and they require twice as much blood or Vitality as a normal vampire to support energy use in flight.

⊱✦§Infectious Laughter§✦⊰

This ability is often a hit-or-miss. When used effectively, the victims will find themselves suffering under peals of hysterical laughter, totally debilitated. The catch? It's all in the delivery. The vampire must tell a joke and at the end, release its otherworldly power through laughing. If those surrounding them laugh along, there's a good chance they'll fall under the spell and simply be...unable to stop. Consent applies.

⊱✦§Kraken's Kiss§✦⊰

These vampires' tongue extends and turns into a bloodsucking tentacle that can deliver a very painful and effective bite when wrapped around the neck.


These vampires can drain blood from prey through direct skin contact, though it is only effective for smaller blood meals.

⊱✦§Night Vision§✦⊰

The tapetum lucidum is the structure on the fundus of many animals eyes that causes their eyes to appear to glow at night when light hits them. It confers lowlight vision by increasing reflection of available light. Very sensitive to bright lights. Difficulty seeing during the day. Does not work in total blackness - there must be a minuscule amount of light to reflect off the tapetum.

⊱✦§Sleep of Chiroptera§✦⊰

Able to scale walls and sleep upsidedown in torpor. They have to crawl their way up to high perches and though they are not flighted, they can ‘glide’ down if they fall.  

⊱✦§Summon Animals§✦⊰

Detect and summon animals, though usually only aggressive, frenzied kinds that do not obey any other commands besides being summoned.

⊱✦§Venomous fangs§✦⊰

Very rarely, a vampire develops a venom sac at the base of their fangs. Small amounts of venom result in a pleasurable effect, but large amounts can immobilize the prey for feeding. Venom can only be secreted in a bite (aka, kissing or spitting won't do anything).

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