Ascension Vampires


Copy and paste in Second Life to join the Vampire group: secondlife:///app/group/e11c020d-77ed-3262-1605-e3a374022ad1/about


The vampire headquarters (or Sanctum) is in the crypts. It is generally only accessible to vampires, ghouls, and their guests.


Bela Reese (Revenstein) is the current race lead for the vampires. Please contact him in-world for assistance.


The vampires of Ascension are known to exist in the general population and are fully integrated in society. They subsist on the artificial blood product Vitality manufactured at the National Eugenics Corporation, though there are other sources, such as blood dolls at the supernatural bars, from which they can gain sustenance. Because the vampires are acknowledged, we do not follow the general rules of the popular Vampire: the Masquerade (VtM) game in regards to a 'secret society'. However, you may model your vampire character after any of the clans from VtM (we handle the disciplines differently, however, so please read carefully).

Keep in mind that though vampires in general are known to be in the city, you can choose to play your character as a vampire hiding his/her nature. However, also bear in mind that any supernatural being you ran into in the city would likely realize the true nature of your character and may try to blackmail you if there is a nice juicy reason for keeping the secret!

In Ascension lore, the Master Vampire was originally created from the offspring of a human and a demon, which is why vampires are referred to by the demons as 'half breeds'. There was, at some point, a mistake. A demon mated with a human and created the Master Vampire. Or so the legend goes among their people. Vampires like to deny the connection, but the similarities between their races is unmistakable. In demon lore, the Master Vampire gained peculiar abilities when he reached the age of 30, and became something world had never seen before. His childer formed from a bite served as the basis for all the vampires in existence today. All vampires present now are products of humans turned by other vampires. You cannot play the Master Vampire or his direct childer.


Vampires can generally look however they wish, as long as they still appear humanoid. You cannot give yourself claws or other body modifications that might present an advantage, unless you take the skill that allows for such things (to accommodate Gangrel/Nosferatu types). You can make your character be exceedingly pale or have a normal skin tone. The vampires can dress however they like. Fangs may be worn when feeding, but please be sure to read this entire page thoroughly on how that is handled in the city. If your vampire is a Victorian vamp absolutely attached to his old style...go ahead and wear a top hat or whatever.


Immortal, in theory, unless destroyed by a silver stake though the heart.

As mentioned before, we are not officially using the VtM rules, so we are not using the generations system, but the oldest vampires we have in our lore would be vaguely equivalent to 6th/7th Generation VtM vampires. Age on our sim does NOT equate to power, so there is no need to make yourself a very aged vampire to be more "powerful." Players can choose any age for their vampire up to 1500 years of age, which is the era of the Master Vampire. Vampires over the age of 500 generally have to enter into a state of torpor at least once in their lives.


Strengths vary based on the individual. Everything on the list of vampire powers is pre-approved for instant play.


Vampire characters must have at least three weaknesses. You may choose more if you like. Two must be from the following list, with one of those being the universal weakness to silver; a third can be your own. Bear in mind that character flaws (alcoholic, violent temper, selfish) are not the same thing as weaknesses. Garlic has no effect on them, though humans like to still think it works.

-Silver: ALL vampires in Ascension are all allergic to silver. Silver through the heart in the form of stake or bullet is fatal.

-Sunlight: The vampire will not burn up in sunlight, but generally finds it very aversive. Vampires with the sunlight weakness usually choose to stay in the crypts during the day, stick to the shadows, or swaddle themselves with heavy cloth. Powers are at 50% strength in the light.

-Holy symbols: The vampire is ill at ease on consecrated ground and has a severe aversion to holy symbols. Vampires may show specific and more intent discomfort towards symbols of their religion at his/her turning, and should at show unrest in regards to other religious symbols. If the vampire was atheist/agnostic, then they will be allergic to Christian symbols.

-Frenzy: The vampire has no control over himself when fresh blood is in the air and may fly into a feeding frenzy without regard for societal rules. Rather than being a strength, this makes him unpredictable, dangerous, and generally viewed as a liability by other vampires.

- Fire: The vampire is extremely fearful of fire and can be held back by flame. 

-Knots: A relatively obscure weakness known to vampires, but existing nonetheless. The vampire has a fierce, sudden urge to untie all knots in the vicinity, no matter what the situation may be. 


Vampires need blood, one way or another. There has been an uneasy truce between vampires and humans since Vitality came on the market, but that doesn't mean they trust each other 100%. Vampires in Ascension can still fight the urges back to feed on humans, and you can play your character as one who follows societal expectations or you can play a rogue who still hunts humans. However, keep in mind that there are vampire hunters that may come after your character if you choose to play a rogue. The Romani keep a close watch on the vampires, and there are dedicated vampire hunters within the city.

Consent from the other party is always still in play as well, so before attempting to feed on another player's character, please ask.

Vampires typically feed on humans, mutants, and animals. However, Familiars, The Deep Ones, Selkies, Mer-folk, and Skinwalkers with a true human form and not just a facade of humanity can be fed upon for adequate sustenance. Feeding on demon blood or other races offers no advantage/power increase aside from the potential for emotional/psychological benefit of sharing the blood of a friend. Full information on each race is available on the feeding page

Additionally, because everyone knows that real blood tastes better than that fake stuff, supernatural clubs that cater to demons and vampires exist within the city, where willing victims work as blood dolls offering a fresh drink to paying customers. One of these is the fetish Hellfire club that the vampires run in the Undercity.

Bloodlines HUDs are not legal for use in the city. Roleplay, please.


Ascension vampires can only sire humans. They may not sire mutants to form supervampires. To be sired, the player changing must be bitten, drained of their blood, and be given the blood of a vampire for a change of race. Consent must be attained from the other player.


Vampires are allowed to have Ghouls. Ghouls are humans who voluntarily wish to bond with the vampire by drinking small amounts of the vampire's blood. Only humans and mutants may be ghouled. The blood must be given in three doses, over the period of a month, and will fade over time, prompting the vampire to give small doses of blood every few months to continue the bond. There are benefits for Ghouls, such as a longer lifespan and better ability for healing minor, non-life-threatening wounds.


  • Lack of blood to feast on in terms of vampires has the same effect lack of food has on humans in Ascension. Mental changes (Hallucinations, odd speech, etc..) are permitted, but no physical increases in strength are permitted. Rampages may occur during periods of starvation or if the Frenzy weakness is chosen, but bear in mind that there are consequences for an out-of-control vampire in the city.

  • Ascension vampires will be seen in mirrors and on camera, in video, photo, etc. The only exception to this is if you have the power of cloaking or picture perfect picked within strengths for vampires where you can cloak for a short period of time.

  • There is NO cure for Vampirism.

  • Generally, bites have a positive, good feel to the victim, BUT the player bitten should play the effects of whatever amount of blood loss appropriately. If your vampire is violent and bite-raping people...the positive factor may not be there.

  • A wooden stake through the heart of a vampire in Ascension will NOT kill you. It will merely put you in the Torpor until the stake of whatever form is removed. However, a silver stake or a stake clad in silver will kill a vampire. A silver bullet to the heart will also kill a vampire. (Consent applies)

  • Vampires have the ability to heal at more rapid pace from wounds. This does not mean that vampires do not take damage from something a human would, it merely means that a vampire will heal from something more rapidly or may heal from a wound that would otherwise be fatal to a human. For example, a gunshot wound to the heart of a human with a normal round would kill them. For a vampire, a gunshot wound to the heart may put them down for at least a week's worth of real time. More minor injuries that may take humans weeks or months to heal may only take a vampire a matter of days to heal. Vampires are still expected to adequately and appropriately play out their wounds and damage for the appropriate amount of time.

  • Vampires are not immune to fire, in fact being in contact with fire will render a vampire into a pile of ashes if the flames are not put out. However, there is a type of vampire ceremony done once or twice a year that can bring a vampire back from ashes over a three-day period. All memories are lost the moment a vampire succumbs to fire, either forever, or for at least one month after being reformed can memories start to come back to a person. Any kind of silver left in water with ashes of a vampire will destroy the ashes permanently. (consent applies)


The vampire community has been run by The Authority since before anyone alive can remember. How it started, be it founded by the Master Vampire or not, no one can really say. It is a public organization that often runs more closely to a secret society in how it operates with discretion and as little regard to the laws of any country that can be gotten away with. Ultimately every Coterie of vampires answers to The Authority, and if someone is not qualified to be in a seat of power or is a risk to the safety of other vampires, they will send hunters to take out a rogue or eliminate 'problems', as well as sending guards, money, and supplies to vampire communities that need it.

For every region there is one Coterie, or group of vampires that protect and support each other, and they each operate differently depending on the country, state, or vampires within it. Some are more militant based, while others are more focused on family or comradeship. Either way, the Coterie is responsible for making sure that the Authority does not have to go out of their way to intervene in 'problem matters'. The promoted Prince of each region is responsible for keeping all vampires safe, even if it means putting one in a Torpor state to prevent them from harming themselves or others. Those who purposefully cause problems for the Coterie, often catch the notice of the Authority, who tend to act with little mercy in destroying problem vampires. (Consent Applies)

In view of modern times, there is no murdering of humans allowed, or so the Authority dictates, but this can be misleading. The real truth is that there is no murdering of humans or vampires outside of the Authority's jurisdiction, and a great deal of these types of situations is often 'covered up' or happens only in places like the Undercity. However, killing a human over a feeding in these times where it is unnecessary is frowned upon by most Coteries and The Authority. The usual punishment is a three-day torpor of the offending vampire. Unless it is a repeat offense...

Some vampire Coteries still practice old traditions from the Book of Aeturnus, which is less like a religion and more like a celebration of being the altered state. While some Coteries are quite like a cult in their rigorous following of the practices set down by Coteries of over a thousand years past, most have adopted modern versions of the text, translated the Latin to English, or in the past century have avidly gone searching for these tomes to burn them from existence. The Coterie of Ascension; however, does practice the old Code, though every ceremony or custom is never forced upon and can be declined if a vampire disagrees with them. The Authority is said to turn a blind eye to any rite or ceremony -no matter how grotesque or inhumane- that is practiced from the book. More information can be found here:


There is respect and appreciation of every vampire, ghoul, and guest in the Sanctum and within the Coterie. If you disagree with another, one can state their feelings without starting a fight, shouting, or being demeaning. Disrespect will not be tolerated. (usually results in a mild warning, and if no change happens in one month then that character may be given Rogue status or at least asked not to return to the Sanctum for a certain allotment of time).

There are no public feedings allowed outside of drinking Vitality (or Vitality Plus) on the surface. Please find a private area or alleyway, or feed from another person in the undercity with consent.

There are no murders allowed on the island for any reason outside of Coterie or Authority Jurisdiction. If one is the type of vampire who must kill when they feed, they can go to the mainland and hope the cops or hunters don't find them there...because they will be staked into a torpor if the Coterie find out. (Usually for three days or a previously discussed allotment of time).

Ghouls are to be an extension of one's self, in days of old we trusted them to keep us safe while we slept during the day, think of them as one's hand and do not abuse them or consider them as pets. Mistreatment of a ghoul is punishable and considered to be mistreating the vampire/Coterie they belong to as well.

No new ghouls or vampires can be sired by anyone on the Island without telling the Prince first. For non Coterie members this does not apply, but to ensure every Coterie member and new member is safe, it is imperative to know who they are to begin with. Those who consistently change humans into vampires too often for no reason are seen as a liability if the Authority catch wind of them.

This Coterie is ultimately run by The Authority (Or the organization of vampires throughout the world who keep a watchful eye on all Kindred), and if the Authority decree something, it goes above the Coterie's jurisdiction. If they find someone killing others for personal reasons they are within their rights to send skilled hunters after your character or put your character into torpor and the Coterie can't do anything to stop it (with ooc consent of course). Likewise, they expect the Coterie to keep a region/area under control without their intervention, so those not acting according to The Authority's interests or purposefully causing trouble for the Coterie put themselves at risk.

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