Vehicle Rules

1) Usage of vehicles requires a valid license.

* Renting a License will grant you a tag in the Ascension Land Group. This gives you the right to rez and operate ONE vehicle.
* You are allowed to rez your vehicle as soon as you have paid the rental. But once you have received your tag you must show it active when operating your vehicle.
* Licenses will be handled through rental boxes at the gas station.
* A license will cost 250 L$ / Week.

* Licenses need to be renewed in time. If your rental runs out, it will automatically become available on a first come - first serve basis. 

* Sim admins have the right to revoke your license earlier, in case you choose not to follow the rules of the sim.

 The publicly available bicycles at the café are exempt of this rule and can be used without a license. Attachment vehicles are NOT allowed, since they still eat up a good portion of script time and it is unfair to have rentals for rezzing if everyone else is going around free of charge wearing every attachment vehicle known to man. :) 

2) Vehicle limits

* Vehicle cannot be bigger than 40 Land Impact / Prims.

* No excessive sounds and particles that would be disruptive to other users on the sim.

* Vehicle refers to either a personal car, a motorcycle or something similar.

Not allowed: 

- Scifi vehicles (speederbikes, ...)
- flying vehicles (planes, helicopters, ...) 
- military vehicles (incl armoured vans, mounted machineguns, ...)
- oversized vehicles (truck-trailer combos, schoolbuses, ...)

If it's not a normal car or motorbike, and it's not in the above list, check with the sim's senior staff before starting your rental.

3) RP involving vehicles

* Due to the disfunctionalities of SL; crashes/collisions etc resulting from SL lag or other technical issues should be ignored in character. Before roleplaying an accident, you should check with the driver if it happened in character.
* You can store your vehicle on a parking lot or similar location when you're not on the sim.
* Unattended vehicles fall under the same consent rules as any other player property, but use common sense. You don't park a Ferrari in the middle of the slums and expect it untouched.

* Your right to operate a vehicle might be removed in character, if the law decides you are too much of a menace. This is limited to extreme cases such as vehicular manslaughter.

4) Ascension City is not responsible if a rezzed vehicle is lost through technical issues! Use no-copy vehicles at your own risk.

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