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⊱✯§~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~§✯⊰ HISTORY OF WARLOCKS IN ASCENSION


The main difference between warlocks and other magic wielders in ascension is the source of their magic. Where wizards manipulate reality through scholarly logic, and witches call upon natural spirits to perform their rituals; warlocks call upon a darker, fel power. Most warlocks are obsessed with power and the histories of their kind are filled with stories of those who perished in the maddening pursuit to gain such power no matter the cost.

The first warlocks recorded in history rose in Ancient Egypt from a cult of demon worshippers. They had learned that the consumption of demon blood could power a dark magic within them. From that point on, the main goal of many warlocks became to learn how to summon and control demons for their beck and call, though none ever truly succeeded at this. Countless generations of warlocks have learned (often time in the hard way) that the only way to receive a demon's aid is if the demon willingly bestows it. 

In the early centuries after the fall of the Western Roman Empire however, a Byzantine warlock called Narses succeeded in manipulating energy in such a manner that he managed to roughly copy the reaping process demons used on mortals. From this point on, him and his students had found a way to operate their dark arts without having to depend on a demon. While the source of their fel powers differs from those that consume demonic blood, they share magical powers and skills.

Another major issue early warlocks were faced with was the ebb and flow of their powers. Upon being fed demon blood, or upon reaping the spark of life, their energy levels would peak to beyond the capacities of what the human body and soul can channel, and much of the energy would be wasted. On the other hand, as warlocks usually didn't have a permanent source of 'fuel' in willing demons or cowering victims, they would also spend large periods of time completely defenseless with their magic dried up. It was only in the late 17th century that an unnamed warlock from Salem discovered how to store fel power inside crystals for later use, though the process was not perfect and the energy still slowly drained away. Further research taught that Axis Mundi crystals were especially suited to this task.

This knowledge has drawn many warlocks to operate at the sites of these magical locations, including Ascension City.

Demons cannot become warlocks, as the imitation is not compatible with their own fel blood. They generally treat warlocks as tools at best. 




The type of warlock depends on the source of their power. It does not actually change their powers or spells however, except for the way they gather their fel energy. Warlocks these days usually stick with one type of fel energy throughout their entire career as it is what they become accustomed and often times addicted to.

Demonologists (Classic School)

These warlocks require the blood of a demon to fuel their fel power. This usually requires the demon to willingly give up some of their blood. While there have been stories of warlocks who've tried to gain their energy from defeating lesser demons in combat, this never lasts as a long-term solution. After all, hunting too many of their kind does tend to attract the bigger and badder kind of demon after some time. 

These days, most warlocks pursueing this path have found it easiest to gain access to this source of power through making contractual deals with demons. These contracts are magically binding, but can never be signed unless both parties willingly consent to the deal. It is extremely rare however that these contracts are completely fool-proof, and usually sooner or later the demon comes out on top and the warlock is faced with full consequences of small print.

Cannibals (Byzantine School)

The Cannibals, with their knowledge and rituals descended from Narses, gain their power through the reaping of other mortal humans. As such, they can perform their fel powers completely independent from any demon interference. Their reaping is not a perfect copy of a demon's reaping however. Their reaping feels more like a brute force attack on a person's spark of life, and can feed only upon a person's negative feelings. Even when a victim willingly surrenders to the reaping, it leaves them feeling as dirtied and abused as if they suffered from a forced demonic reaping.




These are passive character class traits carried by all Warlocks in addition to their ability to do magic.

⊱✦§Fel Blast§✦⊰ 

Warlocks can choose to turn their fel energy into a blast of raw power instead of focusing and shaping it into a spell. This power creates a bolt of fel energy that can be aimed at a single target, which upon hitting its target brings both mental and physical pain, but causes no actual wounds. While it can only be used once in every combat, it is otherwise treated as a ranged attack similar to firing a gun, rather than subject to the spellcasting rules.

⊱✦§Fel Stone§✦⊰ 

The warlock deposits excess fel power from their own physical and mental reserves into a raw crystal harvested from the earth, to be used later. It can either be stored in its raw form, where it can be turned into fel blasts; or it can be stored in the form of prepared spells. A crystal containing low level spells or raw energy carries three charges, while a crystal containing high level spells can only carry two charges. All crystals lose some of their charges over time through energy leaks. Storing a spell in a crystal is just as exhausting as casting that spell directly. Drawing a stored spell out of a crystal however only exhausts the warlock at half the rate of direct spellcasting.

⊱✦§Sense Fel Aura§✦⊰

The warlock can detect the auras of other warlocks and of demons. This sense is not a perfect manner of detection however, and it is possible to hide from it. This cannot be used as a form of detection for any other supernatural species.




⊱✦§The Compendium§✦⊰ 

Warlocks record their personal spells and rituals in a compendium. This is often their most prized possession. Since the time of the Roman Empire, compendia are usually manufactured and protected in a manner that only the original owner can read the info contained therein. Before this practice become common, the fastest way to gain power was to slay another warlock and steal their compendium.


When these crystals are harvested from the earth, they need a small ritual used on them immediately to make them usable for storing fel power. This means that the harvesting of these crystals must be done by a warlock or at least overseen by one who imbues them with the preparation ritual as soon as they are pulled out of the earth by the warlock's minions. Storing a spell in a crystal is just as exhausting as casting that spell directly. Drawing a stored spell out of a crystal however only exhausts the warlock at half the rate of direct spellcasting.

Regular crystals remain fully charged for one week after fel power is first stored inside them. After that, they lose one charge per week, thus at most they become depleted after 4 weeks of non-use. Once fully depleted, a crystal turns into worthless ashes. Crystals harvested from an Axis Mundi (such as Ascension) lose their charges at only half the rate, thus can store power for up to 8 weeks before being fully depleted. Their biggest advantage however is that they can be recharged up to three times after depleting before turning to ashes. They always remain in tune with the unique signature of their first user, and thus any recharges must be done by the same warlock. Only the warlock who charged a crystal can use it. Remember, crystals can only carry either 3 low level spells or 2 high level spells at a time. 




The Ascension Stone affects magic in the area, making it something different than what many magic users are used to, and also making it more powerful. Therefore, even if your character has had "previous training," they might find their powers work differently here. For non-human characters, make sure you have chosen the magic skill for that race. For characters who wish to become warlocks but are just starting their journey, we recommend starting out as an apprentice magus and learning the craft ICly. 


Apprentice Warlock

Users start out with natural ability and undergo rigorous training to develop their skills. They should be spending time learning, failing, growing in their craft. Fail rate should vary from 50-75% as the apprentice is just beginning their journey. If your character is just starting in magic, this is a good role to choose to allow growth and exploration. 

Spell Limits: 3 low level spells, 2 high level spells. 50-75% fail rate on all spells cast during learning. Can only carry 1 crystal at a time. 



If your character received previous training before coming to the city, this is where they start. They are responsible for then continuing their own learning by teaching the craft to the apprentices. A Warlock may have more than one apprentice. Warlocks choose their own apprentices. 

Spell Limits: 5 low level spells, and 4 high level spells. Can carry 2 crystals at a time. 

You do not have to seek any further training than this. However, if you wish to advance to a Grand Warlock, you will need to satisfy the following requirements. You should start a training record on the forum to keep track of the requirements and allow staff to quickly and easily view and approve your training. 

Requirements for advancement to Grand Warlock:

  • Roleplay actively as a Warlock in Ascension for a minimum of one month
  • Successfully train an apprentice to become a Warlock. 
  • Submit two teaching records (demonstrating training of the apprentice)
  • Submit one instance of magic use during combat
  • Write a single custom spell of your own. If accepted, the spell will carry your name and be added to the list of pre-approved magic. The spell does not have to be accepted to advance as long as the other conditions are filled. 


Grand Warlock

A Grand Warlock has been training nearly all their life. Players are given this title after demonstration of fair, even use of magic in roleplay. This is never a guaranteed title and those clearly just looking for an impressive title will never achieve it. They are responsible for continuing to train apprentices, as well as assisting Warlocks in further learning. 

Spell Limits: 7 low level spells, and 6 high level spells.  Can carry 3 crystals at a time

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