Current Contact/Leader: Kyra Umbra (taya.breil)

WASC - F.M. Talk Radio and Music

Rumors about an underground station are heard through Ascension City, and it's not your usual FCC approved station. Instead, this is a 'pirate' radio station with DJs that will push that envelope and then some.

The city is more alive with people, possibilities and more, and such a place needs a pulse, a voice. Ascension is no exception to this.

Such places need music, and not just to soothe the savage soul of the beast, but to inspire, encourage, and mix into the cauldron of possibilities that bubbles over within this place. The talented DJs of the station will bring both music as well as talk shows, news to propaganda, and a variety of things in their broadcasts.  

Stay tuned, stay fresh, but don't be too safe.

[Hello, folks!  All sorts of opportunities abound with the station from DJs, talk radio hosts, interns, clerical stuff, production staff, and the rest.  For DJs, I would like to get people that have some idea of what they are doing with whatever program you use for broadcasting.  I personally use SAM, but I know of several other options! so feel free to Im me and ask. We also have plenty of opportunities for jobs and RP that does not require you to be a DJ.]

Possible positions include --

Main Manager - Kyra Umbra

Assistant Station Manager - Coordinates schedules, Assists on air talent, assists Manager with meetings, assist at events, get refreshments for Miss. Umbra, and such things.  Reports to Station Manager.

On Air Personalities - DJs, talk show hosts.

Sales Team Manager - Coordinates with local businesses and interested parties for advertising time on air.  Could possibly write up the commercials to be read on the air, or just get the commercials from the businesses as they wish them to be broadcast.  

Event Manager - Helps to set up events within the city, including possible business sponsorship, and helping to schedule/run events and make sure the on air talent is available as needed.

Human Resources/Clerical - Help take care of paperwork for the station (Just an RP thing..I don't mean that you need to actually do all sorts of paperwork.) Answer phones in the offices, etc.  This could be done by more than one person.  Assists other staff as needed.  

News Room Staff - Helps coordinate news, verify stories, and help with copy read on air.

 Generally such stories can be left up as well to the DJ/talk show host to possibly mention during their show on air.  

Other jobs - interns, security, etc.  This could be arranged on a case by case basis.  If you have an idea for a job, let us know.  

WIll broadcasts be in character?

Yes, they will as this is a role play radio station that is set in Ascension City.

We plan to try and have music to broadcast as live shows in sim, possibly be available for events if people want music, and also do talk show broadcasts of the underground type (Think Lazarus in Deus Ex, for example.. ). This will be helped along with notices in the group and hopefully having people even be able to call in via text and I am working on a way to get any interested callers to do by voice.. etc for the RP.

We hope the station can help add another layer of RP within Ascension.  If RP businesses are interested in on the air ads, that too could be set up via RP and with ads being mentioned by DJs on the air.

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