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Witches have been around since the ancient world. They've alternatively enjoyed a position of power in society as oracles and shamans to being hunted down and persecuted in the days of the Salem Witch Trials. After the supernaturals came out during the War of the Races, humans had other things on their mind besides the witches. These days, many witches still prefer to practice their craft in silence. A particularly powerful Coven makes their home in Ascension City, called like other magic users by the power of the Ascension Stone. 

Witches differ from wizards in that they tend to use potions and salves more than outright spellcasting, and their spells are powered through worship of a particular deity. A witch can be male or female. They are also skilled healers, using knowledge of plants, elements, animals, and the like. They are practiced trackers, and spend a lot of time in the wilderness collecting components for their craft, as well as experimenting with recipes for salves and potions. They most commonly worship a nature deity, which may grant the power to cast some minor to moderate divine spells. They may be good witches, neutral, or evil witches, and the deity they choose to serve tells a lot of their alignment.  

Witches are very in tune with the natural world, and their powers are governed by the seasons, weather, and the position of the stars. They have a great affinity for nature and wild animals, and often attract familiars who join them on their path. Shamans, witch doctors, oracles, Wicca followers all fall under the umbrella of "witch" in Ascension. 




The type of witch determines what general material components they need in order to perform their magic in addition to divine faith and any components specified for a particular casting. 

Blood Witch

These witches almost always fall on the evil alignment, using blood, bone, fur, and skin as components for their magic. These can include voodoo witches who are most often found at Doc Zombie's or lurking in the swampy, forested areas. 

Elemental Witch

These witches vary in alignment. They use oils, rare earth, and elements as components for their magic. Many of these use the Garden for research and experimentation with recipes. 

Green Witch

These witches are almost always good, and use bark, leaves, seeds, roots, and flowers in their magic. Like elemental witches, these witches can often be found in the Garden. 

Sky Witch

These witches vary in alignment and use astrological aspects such as weather, lunar phases, planetary alignments and time of day as components for their magic. These witches are often found near the harbor, or high areas with a good view of the stars. 




These are passive character class traits carried by human witches in addition to their ability to do magic. Supernatural witches do NOT get to choose any of these, since they have racial abilities in addition to magic. 

Human witches choose THREE of the following:


Extremely skilled in tracking through difficult terrain, even when the quarry is supernatural or masked by supernatural means. 


Extremely quiet and quick, to the extent that even supernaturals may be surprised by a sneaking witch. 


Able to dodge blows almost as though seeing them beforehand. Note this does NOT increase speed, but allows the witch to start reacting to a blow, bullet, or other attack seconds before it is launched. This is a defensive ability and does not offer any advantage to the witch's own attack.  

⊱✦§Sense Witchcraft§✦⊰

The witch can tell what spell an item has been imbued with, or what spell has been cast in the area, though not who did it.

⊱✦§ Energy Healing §✦⊰

Able to manipulate life energy to engage in healing. Read the healing guidelines




The three main types of witchcrafting are salves, incense, and spells. Craft limitations are listed in the Witch Hierarchy sections. The full list of available salves and incense can be found on their respective pages. 


Salves are emollient concoctions applied to the skin that may affect the coated area in a particular way based on the recipe. They are brewed in a cauldron using the proper material components, and placed in a jar for later use. Beginning witches will need to learn how to properly apply salves to others and invoke the powers contained in the ointment. 

For full details, check the salves page.


There are multiple types of incense and ways to create it, but the general usage remains the same. Incense is burned by the witch to release the magic infused in the ingredients. Each stick can only be used once, with a burn time of approximately an hour. Burned incense creates an aura of effect in an area 5 to 10 m surrounding the burner. The witch herself must light the incense and invoke its power, and it must be burned in a suitably prepared burner, brazier, censer or similar. It can be snuffed out, in which case the effect of the incense subsides already after a few minutes. 

For full details, check the incenses page.


Spells can be drawn from any of the schools of magic. The difference is the general material requirement needed based on the type of witch, and the fact that some sort of prayer is required to fuel their powers. Divine magic requires faith in something, though it can be a good or evil deity, or even a general belief system rather than a specific god. 




Every witch keeps a recipe book or log of their personal spells, called a Grimoire. They cannot cast any spells or imbue any items if the recipe is not recorded in the book and memorized. New witches just discovering their abilities may start a Grimoire from scratch, though some witches with an extensive family history of witchcraft will inherit the family recipe book. Witches learning under a mentor may be allowed to copy her recipe book when they "graduate." Most recipe books are handcrafted, and charmed so that other magic users can't read the text. 

All new recipes for the Grimoire must be researched, formulated, and perfected through trial and error with component properties. Sometimes they have guidance from other witches as to what components to use, and other times recipes are discovered experimentally by simply using components lying around. Sometimes new recipes are a disaster, causing an undesired effect or unexpected effect, and sometimes they are complete duds. Though many witches have spells that are similar, each one is individual in its components and complexity based on how it was crafted. 

A witch's Grimoire may contain recipes for salves, incense, and spells, along with notes about herbalism and healing that the witch has made in her journey. Low level spells and salves require three components, but advanced ones may require up to fifteen components to brew! These components determine the nature of the item, and much of a witch's career will be spent learning and researching item recipes. Some recipes will be more potent than others. 




The Ascension Stone affects magic in the area, making it something different than what many magic users are used to, and also making it more powerful. Therefore, even if your character has had "previous training," they might find their powers work differently here. For non-human characters, make sure you have chosen the magic skill for that race. For characters who wish to become witches but are just starting their journey, we recommend starting out as an apprentice and learning the craft ICly from a mentor. 

Note: Witches do not specialize, and can pull their spells from any of the schools. 


Apprentice Witch

Users start out with natural ability and undergo rigorous training to develop their skills. They should be spending time learning, failing, growing in their craft. Fail rate should vary from 50-75% as the apprentice is just beginning their journey. If your character is just starting in magic, this is a good role to choose to allow growth and exploration. 

Craft Limits: 1 salve, 1 incense, 2 low level spells, 1 high level spell. 50-75% fail rate on all spells cast during learning. 



If your character received previous training before coming to the city, this is where they start. They are responsible for then continuing their own learning by teaching the craft to the apprentices. A witch may have more than one apprentice, or none at all if they are a hermetic practitioner. Witches choose their own apprentices. Remember, a witch can be good or evil. 

Craft Limits: 3 salves, 3 incenses, 3 low level spells, and 2 high level spells. 

You do not have to seek any further training than this. However, if you wish to advance to a Grand Witch, you will need to satisfy the following requirements. You should start a training record on the forum to keep track of the requirements and allow staff to quickly and easily view and approve your training. 

Requirements for advancement to Grand Witch:

  • Roleplay actively as a Witch in Ascension for a minimum of one month
  • Successfully train an apprentice to become a Witch. 
  • Submit two teaching records (demonstrating training of the apprentice)
  • Submit one instance of magic use during combat
  • Write a single custom spell of your own. If accepted, the spell will carry your name and be added to the list of pre-approved magic. The spell does not have to be accepted to advance as long as the other conditions are filled. 


Grand Witch

A grand witch has been training nearly all their life. Players are given this title after demonstration of fair, even use of magic in roleplay. This is never a guaranteed title and those clearly just looking for an impressive title will never achieve it. They are responsible for continuing to train apprentices, as well as assisting witches in further learning.  

Craft Limits: 6 salves, 6 incenses, 5 low level spells, and 4 high level spells.  

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